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download (3)Do you want to find out what is going to happen in your life during 2018?  Are you looking for an original & thoughtful gift for someone for Christmas or their Birthday? Book now 🙂

Due to demand, I will be taking no further bookings after Monday 18th December.  This will allow me to complete all the readings & have them delivered before Christmas, in time for the New Year.

I will contact you via email immediately after receiving your payment to confirm receipt & your 2018 Tarot reading will be sent to you via email, as a PDF within 3 to 5 working days, Monday to Friday, with a full-colour image of the Tarot spread, as well as close-ups of the individual cards.  

My prices are in Euro’s because my largest client base has developed within central Europe however, you can get an estimate in any currency.  Please note you can pay by any method with Paypal, you do not have to own an account with them or open one. Thank you & I look forward to reading about 2018 for you, Vanessa.

six cardThe Wheel of Life contains 6 cards each one representing four of the most important facets of life: Family & the home, work & success, love & friendships & spirituality.  The two additional cards are advice cards for 2018. Each of the six cards will give you an overview of how your life will be in 2018 & from this you can use the insight to your advantage.

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The 2018 Zodiac will use the signs of the zodiac to show you what action you need to take during 2018 & how or where to find balance & joy in your life. It will also analyse what is going on, how you will be relating to others, what will come to pass & what to look out for. This is an all round reading encompassing valuable advice for the year ahead.

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The Year SpreadThe Twelve Card 2018 reading will give you an overview for each separate month in 2018. It will highlight the most important messages you need to know from the events that each month holds in store.  This will give you the foresight to either let things play-out if it’s in your favour & be prepared to take full advantage, or to take the necessary actions to help change the course of events.  

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22 card New Year SpreadThis full Twenty-Two Card Year reading will give you a very full reading for the entire year of 2018.  This reading will show you the most important & recurring energies that are going to be following you from 2017 & any new energies that will be manifesting & influencing you during 2018.  As well as providing you with 12 separate monthly overviews, it will also provide you with extra readings focusing on your own self developmen, your finances, what will be happening in your relationships & your overall lifestyle.


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