Vanessa Barns Tarot


All places are limited & on a “first come, first served” basis as these readings have a high seasonal demand so, please book your 2023 Tarot Reading with me now, rather than waiting for the last moment & missing out.  

If you are giving one of these as a gift, you will need to let me know their name & contact details to arrange the delivery of their reading.  You can add this information in the “Special instructions to the seller” section when you make your payment.  Please double check all email addresses to make sure you enter them correctly.

As my largest client base has developed in Europe, all prices shown are in Euros.

As soon as you have booked, you will receive a confirmation notice on your screen straight away to confirm that your payment has gone through, & the reading will be sent via email, in a PDF format, within to10 working days, (Monday to Friday).            Thank you, Vanessa.

Soul Boat

My seven card New Year Soul will show you where your areas of strength are & in contrast, what you need to let go of in order to move on.  It will show you what you need to recognise or pay more attention to during the coming year & what you should aspire or travel towards.  It will also show you what the main challenges or obstacles are that you might need to face in the year ahead & how to overcome them.  35€   

The Year Spread

My Twelve Card Year Reading will give an overview for each one of the coming 12 months. It will highlight the most important messages or events that each month holds in store, which provides both the knowledge & foresight to either carry on if it’s in your favour & be prepared to take full advantage, or to take the necessary actions to help change the course of events.  45€       


My Twelve Card Zodiac is a reading that uses the energies of the Zodiac signs to reveal what action you can take to bring more balance & joy into your life.  This reading will show you for example how your life is going to change or evolve, how you are going to be relating to others & includes what will come to pass & what to look out for. This is an all round reading encompassing  valuable advice about the quality of your life & emotional well-being in the year ahead. 45€                                  

12-22 card

My Twenty-Two Card Year reading gives a very full reading for the year.  This reading will show all the important & recurring energies that are going to be following through from the previous twelve months & any new energies that will be manifesting & influencing you during the next.  This reading will give you 12 monthly overviews & it also provides four readings focusing on your self development, your finances, relationships & lifestyle. 75€  


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