Vanessa Barns Tarot


Vanessa Barns TarotTo celebrate my “Tarot on the tow-path” venture around the French rivers & canals this summer, for the next seven days (the last day will be Monday 11th September), I am offering  you the chance to enjoy 25% off  a Three, Seven or Ten card reading using the Impressionists Tarot.                      this offer has now ended



Impressionists Tarot

A Three Card Reading is ideal to use for a quick question, or to get a head start or an overview of a situation.  This size spread can, despite its small size, carry a lot of information & I can use it  in many ways to cater for different questions & individual situations.  

Normally 15€ just 11.25€   currency converterhere

7 card Horseshoe copyA Seven Card Reading will give you a reading where the cards will reveal more information & details. Due to the number of cards used, this also gives me ability to choose between a variety of different spreads, so I can optimise the cards use.

Normally 30€.. now just 22.50€  currency converter here    

Celtic CrossTen Card Reading can be used in many ways including The Celtic Cross, which is the most popular spread in the world.  This is a fantastic spread, giving you a very in-depth understanding not only about your situation & question but also if or how, others around you are either contributing to a problem or are able to help you towards a solution. There are many advantages to using this amazing spread however, once again, there are many different spreads I can use with this number of cards to provide you with the most informative & empowering reading & so I will always use my years of experience to choose the right one for you. 

Normally 40€ .. now just 30€ currency converter here       

Prices are in Euro’s as my largest client base has developed within Europe however, you can get an estimate in any currency.  Please note you can pay by any method with Paypal, you do not have to own an account with them or open one. 

You will immediately receive a confirmation notice on your screen after your payment & your Tarot reading will then be sent to you via email, within 10 working days Monday to Friday (to cater for other readings in place) from when you email me at with your question & any relevant information that you feel would enhance your reading.  

Thank you & I look forward to reading for you, Vanessa.