Vanessa Barns Tarot


Vanessa Barns TarotHave you always been interested in having a Tarot reading but never had the confidence to ask for one & sit down in front of a Tarot reader? Have you been worried that someone would see you? Or have you simply said, like so many, “I’d love to get my cards read” but then do nothing about it?

Well, right now is your chance to have a little go FOR HALF PRICE & try it out, without having to go anywhere, with no need to meet-up or risk bumping in to someone you know!  Ask any question you have & I will read three cards for you, write the whole reading down & send it to you via email.  Yes, by e-mail! It is a common misbelief  that you have to be with the Tarot reader & touch the cards, this is how it is shown on T.V. & in the films because it’s part of the storyline but it has never been neccesary. 
I am making this offer to you, to help you see how a reading via e-mail is done & from this, I hope you will be happy to use me again for some of my other readings & offers in the future.


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Prices are in Euro’s as my largest client base has developed within Europe however, you can get an estimate in any currency.  Please note you can pay by any method with Paypal, you do not have to own an account with them or open one. 

You will immediately receive a confirmation notice on your screen after your payment & your Tarot reading will then be sent to you via email, within 7 working days (to cater for other readings in place) from when you email me at with your question & any relevant information that you feel would enhance your reading.  

Thank you & I look forward to reading for you, Vanessa.