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I have a large selection of Tarot & Oracle decks & I will always select the deck that I feel, through my experience is the best one for your situation or question.  After you have selected & paid for your reading, you will receive a confirmation notice on your screen to confirm your payment has gone through, & you will then receive your reading via email, in PDF format, within to10 working days, Monday to Friday, this gives me a window to cover extra busy periods, special offers & special seasonal times.  The time begins after you have emailed me at with your question (if needed) or any relevant information that you feel would enhance your reading. 

Thank you & I look forward to reading for you, Vanessa.

Please note that you can pay by any method with Paypal, you do not have to own an account with them or open one up

A Small Sized Reading, normally three cards, is ideal to use for a quick question, or to get a head start or an overview of a situation.  This size spread can, despite its size, carry a lot of information & I can use it  in many ways to cater for different questions & individual situations.  


A Medium Sized Reading, normally around six cards, will give you a reading will reveal even more information & details. Due to the number of cards used, this also gives me ability to choose between a variety of different spreads, so I can optimize the cards use.


A Large Sized Reading, normally around ten cards, can be used in many ways including The Celtic Cross, which is the most popular spread in the world.  This is a fantastic spread, giving you a very in-depth understanding not only about your situation & question but also if or how, others around you are either contributing to a problem or are able to help you towards a solution. There are many advantages to using this amazing spread however, once again, there are many different spreads I can use with this number of cards to provide you with the most informative & empowering reading & so I will always use my years of experience to choose the right one for you. 

                                                                                         45€ download (1)

You will find here some additional Tarot Readings that I have offered for promotions in the past that are still being requested.  

Present Life/Past Life

To have a reading with the Present Life Explained by a Past Life spread is to have a reading giving you knowledge of how your current life has been influenced by your past life & during the interim between.  It can show you the challenges & obstacles that you had to overcome in a previous life & what the outcome was. From this you will be able to see the connections that are relevant to either your life or a current situation in the here & now.  It can also reveal the purpose or intentions that were placed for this lifetime, & what your gifts or talents are.  To use this reading you would focus on a single aspect of your life, for example, how you are with your partner or your attitude towards money or how you are when faced with important decisions or stressful situations.

45download (1)

Guiding Star

The Compass Spread is great for when you have a set goal but you need to get your bearing.  This will show you what you need to do next to help you to get going, to resolve a situation &/or create a more desired situation.  It will help you to know how to act, what to aim for or move away from & what resources you have around you that will help you proceed.  This spread will also show you what will happen in the future if you decide to do nothing verses, what will happen if you follow the readings advice, because as always, you have free will.  

50€ download (1)


With Choices, you have a Tarot reading for when you are presented with two important options.  This reading will help you by giving you an equal reading on each option to gain clarity & to help you decide which choice would be the best one for you.  

The two readings have the same questions put to then, to show you the different challenges or concerns each would present, including any drawbacks or positive benefits they would bring emotionally, financially or to your health & well-being.  The questions asked & the insights gained are presented for you to decide which of the outcomes would be the one you want & to see which path you wish to follow.


If you would like a face-to-face reading, I am currently exploring France with my Husband & two cats on-board our boat “Adventurer” & we are moored-up near to Saint-Jean de Losne, France.  Prices for face-to-face readings will differ to those shown & are available on request.

If you have any questions about having a Tarot reading with me then you can email me direct at & you can also read through some of the testimonials made by people just like you after they had used me for their first time.


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