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“Vanessa, thanks for this remarkable reading. You nailed the situation, and you verified unsettled feelings I’d had and was struggling against. Your suggestion on “what not to do” could not have been more accurate, and I have to reel myself in and recognize the value of that recommendation despite the human animal nature to do otherwise. This is excellent advice, and very precise to the situation.  I didn’t give you much to go on with my question, and you took it and ran with it — very accurate, very gentle, very honest, very powerful. Thank you for your wisdom. Those who come to you will find a wise sage between you and your cards”. Donnaleigh de laRose.  (Award winning radio podcaster host for Beyond Worlds, tarotist, lenormand reader & owner of Tarot Tribe).  Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Tarot has been used as a divination tool around the world for more than two centuries & it’s an indispensable aid in understanding difficult situations & working through important decisions, problems or concerns you have. The Tarot can also show you the predictive future in any given situation, which gives you the free-will to either alter the course of events through your own actions or to allow them to happen as they are.   

To use my website simply click on the title pages & if you want to open any of the other pages shown in the drop down menu’s, then simply click on the one you wish to open next.  

Best wishes & I look forward to reading for you, Vanessa.

tabi                                                   Vanessa Barns

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