Vanessa Barns Tarot

How to Phrase Your Question

How to phrase your question is an important part in getting the best from your Tarot reading. 

The best advice with any question is to keep it open-ended (unless you want just a “Yes/No” answer) this gives the Tarot room to help you in more detail.   This also helps to emphasise the responsibility & accountability you have over your own actions after the Tarot reading, reinforcing that you have free will.

Most Tarot Readers will only read the Tarot from the querents point of view, but I offer the service to have the Tarot reading read from an others perspective (if it is an ethical & justified question). For example if you want to know why your partner seems to show no interest in getting married or why your boss has not promoted you at work, then it makes sense to read the tarot through their eyes.  

If you would like any help with phrasing your question, then please just explain your situation & what you want to know in your own words using the contact form or better still by emailing me at & I will use my experience to help phrase the question with you.  I will always ask you for your opinion on the wording prior to commencing the reading to make sure it is suitable.


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