Vanessa Barns Tarot

Why an E-mailed Tarot Reading?

Vanessa BarnsFirst of all I would like to say that there is a very common assumption that you can only have your cards read if you are sitting in front of a Tarot reader, simply put, this is wrong. This belief has come about mostly due to the portrayal of Tarot readings taking place for entertainment purposes through the fantasy world of the television & film industries.  

When you have a professional Tarot reading you do not need to be sat on the opposite side of a table from me, you do not need to physically “touch” the Tarot cards in order for me to read for you & you most certainly don’t need to buy any additional extras from me, like spirit candles, crystals or psychic oils to enhance the outcome of your reading.  

Having cleared this miss-belief up, the benefits of having an emailed Tarot reading, means that from a personal point of view as your “Reader” I can be in a “quiet” space to read for you which means that your question gets 100% of my undivided & impartial attention. 

Reading this way also helps to take away any unconscious blocks a client may have, as there is no anxiety for you, no stress, no confusion, no ego, no doubt, no concern, no embarrassment to overcome & no time limit or outside distractions that come hand-in-hand with the busy schedules & lives that most of my clients have.

Over the years I have found emailed readings to be a more attentive way to accumulating the most detailed readings & it also gives me the time to put the reading together into a more thoughtful & unrushed format.  It also allows me to read for a larger client base, covering different countries, continents & time zones.  

With a face to face reading the answers are quick, & sometimes hard to keep up with but this way they can arrive unhurriedly, allowing them to be expressed with more depth & relevance.

As the Client you are also released from the pressure of having to remember everything that was said during the reading (normally people can only remember around 3 points clearly) as you will have a copy that you can refer back to time & time again, & as time is not linear this is very helpful.    

Thank you & I look forward to reading for you, Vanessa.



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