Vanessa Barns Tarot


Vanessa Barns

Thank you for purchasing a Tarot Reading with me.  

I will be in contact with you via email within 24 hrs (to cover any time zone differences or time away from my computer), to confirm your question, & your Tarot Reading will be with you normally within 3 to 5 working days, Monday to Friday (excluding any public/bank holidays)

When I contact you for the details of your question please be open with me. You have a lot of power over your reading, so help me to help you. Let me know the “real” questions or concerns that you have because this is your reading, so please don’t be shy & ask a “round-a-bout” question, just ask the Tarot what you really want to know.

If you would like to email me straight away with your question or relevant information, my address is  I recommend this as all my Tarot readings are done in order of payment & when the question is received & understood, & this way saves time.

I look forward to reading for you & thank you once again,

                                                                                  Best wishes, Vanessa


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