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Tarosophist International Magazine

Tarosophist International Magazine


I was honored & privileged to be approached for an article in the world’s top selling Tarot magazine, “Tarosophist International”.  This resulted in a wonderful time talking about the amazing world & effect of Tarot & a subsequent 5-page article in Issue 17.

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Here is a snippet from the opening paragraph of the article.  

78 Days Later: Vanessa Barns Interview by Catherine Chandler

Earlier this year, Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin published the book “Around the Tarot in 78 Days” (pub.Llewellyn) with an accompanying Tarot course. Vanessa Barns is one of the Tarot readers who took part in the course & following it’s completion, she decided to offer, on the Tarot Professionals site, 78 free emailed Tarot readings to other professional Tarot readers & members around the world. Since then (September 10th, 2012) Vanessa has shown herself to be a very adept and gifted reader.

Around the Tarot in 78 Days

Around the Tarot in 78 Days

The author Markus Katz said…

“When Vanessa Barns carried her Tarot Reading Quest out (through Tarot Professionals), we were all watching the thread very closely, and she put in a truly incredible amount of work to maintain it and did not go AWOL.  In fact, to do 78 readings in that way was an astonishing task and more time-consuming than you might even suspect.       ”Good job, Vanessa, good job!”

Map of the 78 Tarot Readings for the Tarot Professionals Quest

Where my “Around The world 78 Tarot Reading Quest” for Tarot Professionals took me.

I am displaying their names here with their permission.

Arnold, United Kingdom • Quentin Budworth,

Benfleet, United Kingdom • Tracey-Ann Edwards,Bethesda, United States • Nancy L Booth, Binghamton, United States • Kristin Bodurtha McCollough, Brisbane, Australia • Lynn McGee, Bristol, United States • Jenny Routa Farrand, Buenos Aires, Argentina • Ezequiel Sanchez

Cairns, Australia • Jillian Healand, Canton, United States • Michael Doubleday, Cape May County, United States • Patty Watson Leo, Chelmsford, United Kingdom • Catherine Chandler. Columbia City, United States • Sharon Woolf, Cowdenbeath, United Kingdom • Lynne Templeman

Doncaster, United Kingdom • Olwen Johnson

Erie, United States • Lynda Lampart Vanderhoff

Falmouth, United States • Rebecca Antley, Fellsmere, United States • Sharon Merlier

Gabriola Island, Canada • Judith Mackay Stirt, Gold Coast, Australia • Ornella Micheline & Mary Mitchell, Greendale, United States • Amanda Deering

Herne Bay, United Kingdom • Cheryl Turtlemoon

Jackson, United States • Kate Lane, Johannesburg, South Africa • Klaire De Rochefort Blesovsky

Kalamazoo, United States • Amie Fournier-flather, Keighley, United Kingdom • Paula Malone, KwaZulu, South Africa • Esther Liana Cronje

Lake Oswego, United States • Jennifer Diallo. Lancaster, United Kingdom • Jeffrey Keefer, Lavelle, France • Prudence Melwenn, Leeds, United Kingdom • Sharon Hurley, Leicester, United Kingdom • Charlotte Louise White, Liverpool, United Kingdom • Karen Tritton, London, United Kingdom • Yulia King & Catherine Rose

Málaga, Spain • Laura Isis Arimore, Manchester, United Kingdom • Trish Moonbean Bevon & Janine Worhington, Martinsburg, United States • Melanie Occupy Climis, Massachuset, United States • Kelly Marisa Clark-Dutcher, Melbourne, Australia • Lisa Lachmund, Milwaukie, United States • Sheri Karpa, Mumbai, India • Scherazade Irani & Masuma Badri Gabajiwala, Murrieta, United States • Cynthia Fiore

Nelson, New Zealand • Diana McClelland, New Mexico, United States • Maggie Grevenow, New Vienna, United States • Sissi Fraley Caplinger, New York, United States • Andrea Zysk, Newtownabbey, United Kingdom • Ursula Clyde, North Manchester, United States • Dove Broadfoot, Norway, United States • Anita Perez

Odon, United States • Becca Jo, Ohio, United States • Sue Erlewine, Orlando, United States • Bine Pine

Paignton, United Kingdom • Darren Stoyle

Queens, United States • Tamika Betheline

Richmond, United States • Mark Amaranthos

Saint Augustine, United States • Vicki Belcher. Sale, Australia • Shay “Itsasecret” Lefebvre & Jera-Babylon Rootweaver, Santa Barbara, United States • Nefer Khepri, Sheffield, United Kingdom • Gemma Daniels, Singapore, Singapore • Jasmine Sim & Celestine Chong, Southbridge, United States • Donnaleigh de La Rose, Spokane, United States • Faye Cuzick, Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom • Christine Ann Hobson, Sun Valley, United States • Christine Joseph

Twin Cities, United States • Shelene Skillings, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom • Jackie Hopper

Unknown, Somewhere nice • Amarina Rose, Utah, United States • Lorenza Montes Fong

Wales, United Kingdom • Prema Lila, Washington, United Kingdom • Fran Marley, West Manheim, United States • Emily Beach, Wodonga, Australia • Marion Kunelius

Yishun, Singapore • Lynn Neg