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Having a Tarot reading is a very personal matter however, you can publicly post a testimonial in the comment box below, which will enable them to be added to this page.  You can also email me at if you would prefer to do so privately.

Thank you, Vanessa

Donnaleigh de La Rose Vanessa, thanks for this remarkable reading. You nailed the situation, and you verified unsettled feelings I’d had and was struggling against. Your suggestion on “what not to do” could not have been more accurate, and I have to reel myself in and recognize the value of that recommendation despite the human animal nature to do otherwise. This is excellent advice, and very precise to the situation.  I didn’t give you much to go on with my question, and you took it and ran with it — very accurate, very gentle, very honest, very powerful. Thank you for your wisdom. Those who come to you will find a wise sage between you and your cards.       Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Lynn Ng  I was fortunate enough to get my reading done by Vanessa and I have to say that it is by far the best reading done as she’s very clear about the spread, what each card stands for in the spread and she provided her interpretation of each card to answer my question. If there’s only one reading you can afford, make sure that It’s from Vanessa Barns!  Yishun New Town, Singapore

Shay Itsasecret     You did an amazing reading for me Vanessa! I really enjoyed it. You have been an inspiration to many with your generous spirit and wise words!         Victoria, Australia

Cheryl Turtlemoon I have responded privately, but I wanted to put it here, for all to see, just how flipping wonderful, amazing, and fantastic your reading was! wow! Thank you so much. I love it, it’s got accuracy, easily understandable information and it is written with love. Thank you so much XXXX and feel free to use this testimonial.         Kent, United Kingdom

Lynne McGee  Vanessa is a gifted Tarot Reader and a wonderful person to do business with. Her readings are clear, succinct, and directly address the questions asked. I was only her fourth client when she took up her self imposed 78 Tarot Reading quest for members of Tarot Professionals in all corners of the World. I was more than impressed when I received back a highly accurate and professional reading that was quite profound in it’s unexpected depth. Vanessa has that special ‘something’, that is hard to define, and is sometimes called ‘the knowing’ or ‘the gift’. I have been a Professional Tarot Reader for 29 years myself and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is amazing, she is professional, and she has the answers. Tarot can be learned by anyone but a much smaller number can communicate its messages and guidance with elegance and style leaving you feeling clear and comfortable to take the next step in your life. Vanessa both can and does. She is the whole package.         Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Jennifer Diallo I was one of the early numbers of the original 78 but I just wanted to come back and register my thanks and praise for Vanessa’s reading. It was so amazingly right on and helped me shift into a different and more empowered place with respect to my work! Very cool!        Oregon, U.S.A

RootweaverI was the fortunate recipient of one of Vanessa’s ‘The World’ readings recently. I was given the opportunity to have atarot reading by Vanessa during a marathon 78-reading offer that she made in celebration of achieving a milestone in her own tarot development. I was completely blown away by her insight and the consistent accuracy of her reading! So much so that if she lived any closer to me (Australia) I would BEG her to work for me at my tarot studio. As a seasoned reader myself I can highly recommend Vanessa to give you a reading that will offer clarity, insight and direction with a generous dollop of love for what she does.  Australia.

Fulbert Avebury  Vanessa you did a most amazing reading. I am awed how perceptive you are and how the cards spoke to you in ways that I can only wish to understand.  I can recommend you to anybody who inquires. Thanks again for your generosity and attention to detail. May you live long and prosper.

Trish Moonbeam Bevon Vanessa that reading was superb accurate and well delivered For anyone waiting I can assure you Vanessa is extremely good. Thank you so much for reading for me and good luck in your career as a tarot reader.         Manchester, United Kingdom

Amanda Deering “I wanted to share a bit about the reading I got from Vanessa Barns when she was doing her 78 readings experiment- I was #25. I had asked her about the possibility of buying a home and leaving behind apartment life. Not only did she answer my concerns brilliantly, she correctly surmised that we were pursuing home ownership because we were considering adding to our family. Thanks to her fantastic reading, we’re moving into our new home this weekend. I wanted to publicly thank Vanessa and let ya’ll know that she is AWESOME!” Greendale, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

 Sissis Destiny  Vanessa, all I can say is wow and thank you very much!!! You have definitely lifted me up and made me want to get off my butt and get moving  My mind has been going in circles for a very long time. Thank you very much for your advice, it is so highly appreciated!!!!

 Jackie Hopper My reading was spot on I could take all the information it was as if Vanessa knew exactly who I was.   I am amazed thank you very much indeed.         Tyne & Wear, U.K

 Lynne Templeman Wow Vanessa, on first read through, I have goosebumps!!!  That’s the most personal and true reading I have ever received!! and you have validated a lot of what is going through my head at the moment. Thank you Oh, I’m all emotional now lol  Thank you so very much xoxo         Fife, Scotland

 Sharon Woolf I just read the reading that Vanessa sent me. I posed a health question. She was splendid! She didn’t just focus on my physical health (which was the nature of my question), but also addressed mental, emotional and spiritual health as well. I am so impressed at her reading. She hit everything right on the head! Congratulations on taking this journey Vanessa. You are amazing!         Columbia CityOregon, U.S.A.

 Mary Mitchell Oh my goodness Vanessa, you are so totally awesome,,,,,,,and so very spot on on many levels,,,,,,,,,,,sorry i know i made it a little tough with just a general question, but you truly answered so many questions I had but did not ask,,, thank you very much,,,,,,you are truly awesome,,,,,,,great reader,,,,,,thank you Vanessa             Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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9 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. Vanessas readings always give me insight if I have to make a difficult choice, or a profound analysis before taking action. Be it personally and private affairs or for business related questions. She is so precise! And communicate the card´s mssage in a beautiful way opening up the horizon; giving an insight in not only the question asked, but also other subjects.

  2. The reading I got from Vanessa has helped me immensely to make a plan of action in a very difficult situation. Her intuitive insight into the matter has reassured me of the direction I need to take and the importance of trusting my own feelings…. I will be back!
    Highly recommended., and thank you.

  3. Vanessa~Thank you so much for the reading you did for me this week!!! It was very accurate and very insightful ! I appreciate thevtime and detail you took with my inquiry. There is c alot of information there for me to work toward finding the outcomes I’m wanting! Be blessed!

  4. After summing up all the information that came through from the various spreads I’ve had with Vanessa to date, I must emphasise that I have found all her e-mail readings to be very honest, logical and moreover, comforting. It is truly intriguing to me that even from a distance, through the Tarot, so much private information is revealed with such accuracy. Also fascinating is how I found my readings to connect with eachother as one picture. Very gifted lady. Thank you x

  5. I had a 3 Card reading,as I only needed advice on one subject.I am very impressed about the complexity of the reading and It’s spot on. I feel more at ease with the path I have chosen,and will read trough the reading from time to time just to keep focused.
    Best reader I came across for a long time.
    It’s a yes from me 🙂

  6. Vanessa omg!!!!!!!! You hit right on the button cannot believe it . Thankyou sooooo very much xx

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